The warden of her soul

In the deep of desperation, only who remain is just you.

I’m here for you.

I embrace your suffer.

I share your pain.

I become the shield of your soul,

I defend you from bounds,

Even if this will cost my whole existence,

I never leave you at all.

I’ll never be defeated, you are my strength.

When I feel your warming heart,

Darkness, that bind my soul for years

Is become now the light who shine my heart and soul,

Saved by you from the darkness of loneliness.

Just because you exist

My life have a purpose

To fight for you and live for you,

Cuz you don’t look at me like I’m nonsense.

And here we are now

Let’s step together in the frontlines of future

To overpower your destiny…and control it.

Our love cover our spirit

Now together we are invincible,

And that’s our strength

Just because I have the courage

To say….

I’m here to stay…

By a special friend




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